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What does an escort's photos say about her?

Take a look through our galleries of KL Call Girl Service and you'll be greeted with page after page of gorgeous girls, all dressed sexily, scantily or not at all. All the photos are taken to show the girls in their best light, and all are taken so you can get a good idea of the escort you'll be meeting before you actually make your booking. But what do an escort's photos say about her? Can you judge her personality from the clothes she's chosen, the poses she's adopting and the way she looks into the camera, or are the photos simply make-believe?

Which kind of photos are best to promote escorts?

There's no doubt that photos of escort girls need to be erotic, sensual, sexy and professional in order to get the maximum attention. We've all seen amateur photos, where the girls are badly lit, poorly made up and looking less than comfortable with their pose. No matter how beautiful the girls are, if they seem ill at ease, it's unlikely that high class clients will want to pick up the phone and make a booking. That's why it's important to ensure that the photography is just right and that it portrays, as much as a photograph can, some of the personal qualities of the escort, not just their ability to adopt a sexy pose..

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